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PRG 24 RDA By Purge Mods

£ 99.99

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The PRG-24 by Purge Mods is not a RDA for the faint of heart. Modelled after the Cylinder of any six shooter, this cap offers non adjustable cyclops airflow. The deck features a
T-clamp centre post and low negatives to provide you a simple yet effective natural coil mounting concept. Each one has a really thick walled cap which is great for heat reduction and flavour. All RDA’s come complete with anodised titanium screws on the top T-clamp post.

• 24mm diameter
• T – Clamp centre post for large coil builds
• 22mm deck
• Brass deck
• Copper contact pin
• Deck fits all AvidLyfe, CompLyfe and Purge caps.
• Unique T-Clamp centre post design
• 2.5 mm negative post holes for all popular gauges of wire.
• Easy building area
• Thick material cap for heat resistance and flavour



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