Orbit RBA Tank By Mission XV

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Orbit RBA replacement Tank. Includes food grade custom silicone refill bung.

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Weight 30 g

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  • Orbit RBA By Mission XV features a two-post lead trap design with wire cut outs and flat head screws, and you can remove the deck on the fly without having to remove the tank. The deck design prevents airlocks and provides maximum wicking with its wide channels, combined with side perforated wicking and front and right side (traditional) air inlet locations for all current and future boro devices. You can also completely seal your airflow to 0mm for storage.

    We recommend the MTL kit for experiences from 1.5mm airflow and under.

    • Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Deck
    • Adjustable 0.1mm – 4.5mm Airflow
    • 7mm Wide Deck Wicking Channels
    • 6.5mm x 8.55mm Deck Build Space
    • PCTG Smoked Tank + Silicone Fill Bung
    • Aluminium Sprung Airflow Pin + Tool
    • SS version has new media blasted finish

    Choose from SS Media Blasted or Limited Edition Gold.

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  • Orbit RBA MTL Kit. Blue Anodised Aluminium. Recommend if your airflow preference is 1.5mm and under.

    £ 14.99
    Purchase & earn 75 points!Read more