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Maidstone Handmade Coils

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Handmade Maidstone Coils, comes in a little glass vial with a small ball of cotton.

Alien Coils

3x26awg Ni80 (Inner wire)
35awg Ni80 (outer wire)
Dual Coil coming out at approximately 0.1Ω
Quantity: 1 Pair

Fused Claptons
2x25awg 316 (Inner wire)
39awg Ni80 (Outer Wire)
Dual Coil coming out at approximately 0.11Ω
Quantity: 2 Pairs

Mini Fused Claptons
2x25awg 316 (Inner wire)
39awg Ni80 (Outer Wire)
Dual Coil coming out at approximately 0.11Ω
Quantity: 2 Pairs

Fat Claptons
1x19awg 316 flatwire (Inner wire)
39awg Ni80 (Outer Wire)
Dual Coil Coming out at approximately 0.1ohm
Quantity: 1 Pairs


Please Note: These coils are not intended for beginners, these are very low resistance builds and are not recommended for use in mechanical mods. Please ensure you have suitable batteries and devices that will safely allow the use of these coils.


Aliens, Fused Claptons, Mini Fused Claptons, Fat Claptons

3 reviews for Maidstone Handmade Coils

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stephen Mcgee (verified owner)

    I got the Alien coils and the fused claptons coils the flavour is amazing top quality coils

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Adrian (verified owner)

    Great coils! Well made and great quality. Suits my needs as they came done on a 3ml bit and once they were pre heated they came out at 0.14 Ohms.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Zakk (verified owner)

    Great coils. I got these to run in my Subzero. Great flavour and clouds. Very nice indeed. I’m also running a pair in my Dotmod. Coming out between 0.1 and 0.12.

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    • Choice of 2 x 24n80/40n80 or 2 x 26n80/40n80

    Please Note:
    By purchasing this product you agree that you are knowledgeable of the nature of this product and release Custom Vapes and Bones from any liability stemming from the product’s use. With Pre-Made coils the Ohm Readings will vary from reader to reader. If you use 2 24n80 coils to do dual builds then the reading will average of 0.13/.14 ohms. and 26n80 average to .18/.19 ohms.

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  • Est. in 2013 Custom Vapes exclusively introduced Hotwires by Chadster to the UK. The first of its kind Hotwires are custom made resistance wires specially designed for sub ohm vaping. Made in Sweden for Chadster Vapors in the U.S.


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    • Cools down faster
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    15ft Packs: 3 x Organic Japanese Cotton Pads
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  • High Quality Nichrome 80 Resistance Wire.

    Nichrome 80 series resistance wire is composed of 20% Chromium and ~80% Nickel. It’s a low resistance wire under normal circumstances. When dealing with the thinner gauges of this wire (34-44g) the resistance is much higher than you’d expect.

    The 20-26g can be used for single strand coils.

    The 27-28g can be used for core wires of multi-strand Claptons like Alien Claptons but the thinner gauges (34-46g) will not perform well as a standard coil so if you’ve never used high gauge wire before, make sure you’re buying the appropriate wire for your build before purchasing.

    The thinner gauges (34-46g) are for Clapton coils, multi-strand twisting or to add a bit of colour to your coil-art.

    £ 19.99£ 25.99

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