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    • KB2 Evo RBA By Mission XV has been engineered to fit a Boro tank and utilises the known and loved KB2 deck but integrates a new chamber reducer for easy installation and enhanced wicking and flavour. It comes with 7 different Airflow options and is limited to 250 pieces worldwide.


      • White Pet-P Barrel
      • Matt Stainless Chimney
      • Compatible With All KB2 RBA Accessories
      • KB2 Build Deck & Black PEEK Deck Reducer
      • Spare Flat Head Grub Screws, O-Rings & Tools
      • Stainless Black PVD Coated Top Cap & Lock Nut
      • Air Flow Pins: 1mm, 1.2mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4.3mm
      • Swappable Black PEEK Chamber Reducer For Versatile Vaping Styles
      £ 154.99
    • Alien RBA Clapton By Sturdy MFG X Adria Builds: Award winning prebuilt clapton coils using Twisted Messes outer wire and Kookpunt inner wire. Professionally built, each coil is tightly wrapped with a 2.5mm inner diameter ready to be installed into your favourite RBA, RDA, RTA, RDTA, or Boro Bridge.

      • Alien Fused Clapton
      • 2 x27g X 37g
      • Dual Core
      • NI80
      • 5 Wrap~
      • ~0.3 ohm
      • Internal Diameter: 2.5mm
      • Outer Diamater: 4mm
      • Length: 4.75mm
      • Contents: 1 pack: 2 coils
      • Made In Indonesia

      £ 8.99
    • SturdyONE RBA By Sturdy MFG is a convertible rebuildable base atomizer that is very well constructed, simple to use, and a high performance rebuildable atomizer.
      The SturdyONE can either be used in a normal sized Boro Tank, or as a complete dotAIO RBA and tank replacement.

      Included are different air flow pins to adjust your draw resistance as desired, along with spare silicone gaskets in both clear or black to change according to your desired setups.

      Wire lead trap recess is machined into the deck to aid in building and allow for easier rebuilding.

      Domed evaporation chamber cap results in smoother airflow movement for greater flavour yield.

      • 4.5mm diameter chimney
      PCTG (Clear) dotAIO sized proprietary tank
      SS316 (Food Grade) chimneys, cap, deck, base, Dot adapter
      SS316 (Food Grade) slotted post screws
      SS304 airflow pins
      PEEK insulators
      Black PEEK & Brass Boro adapter
      Silicone & Nitrile o-rings/Fill plug
      Dual platform friendly (dotAIO & Boro Tank)
      Direct wicking system for constant and fast liquid flow
      Reduced chamber cap with dome system for increased flavour production and airflow smoothing
      Built-in 510 threading for easy coil building
      Reverse threaded chimney to avoid Boro dumps
      Spare kit provided in case you lose something
      Support coils up to a maximum of 3.5mm in diameter
      1.0mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm (installed), 3.0mm & 3.5mm airflow pins
      Takes upto 4.2ml of liquid in dotAIO mode

      SturdyOne Spare Parts Kit
      SturdyOne 1.2, 1.5, 4mm Airflow Pin Kit 
      SturdyOne Replacement Tanks
      SturdyTip Hybrid for Boro & DotAio
      SturdyCoils Alien RBA Fused Clapton

      £ 89.99
    • SturdyONE Airflow Pin Kit By Sturdy MFG Contents:
      • 1.2mm, 1.5mm & 4mm airflow pins.
      • Comes with Printed ziplock bag packaging.

      Note: All Batch 1 RBA’s came stock with the 4mm AF pin. All Batch 2 SturdyONE RBA’s will be as stated on the box, 1.0, 2.0, 2.5 (installed), 3.0 & 3.5mm airflow pin.

      £ 19.99
    • SturdyONE Replacement Tanks By Sturdy MFG

      • Clear (stock) (Clear fillplug installed, Black spare)
      • Frosted (Clear fillplug installed, Black spare)
      • Smoked (Black fillplug installed, Clear spare)
      • Ultem (Black fillplug installed, Clear spare)

      1 x Tank comes with hard plastic sleeve & EVA foam packaging
      Note: All tank sections are the moulded PCTG (as per the stock one that comes with the RBA) part ONLY, they will not include the stainless steel base.

      £ 14.99
    • SturdyONE Spares Kit By Sturdy MFG Contents:
      • 1 set of all o-rings and seals in Clear (except custom base o-ring)
      • 1 set of all o-rings and seals in Black (including custom base o-ring)
      • Slotted grub screws • top and bottom PEEK deck insulators,
      • Brass pin attachment for Black PEEK Boro adaptor.
      • Comes with Printed ziplock bag packaging *does not include the Black PEEK Boro adaptor itself.

      £ 14.99
    • DotAio 510 Rebuilding Tool By 909 Modify is designed for DotMod DotAIO V1 & V2. It provides a platform for re-wicking and dry firing when placed inside a DotAIO. With a direct 510 connection, users are no longer need to carry any 510 mod, just one simple rebuilding tool serves the same purpose. 909 rebuilding tool is also equipped with 2 hidden coil jigs for your daily builds.

      • Compatible With Dotmod DotAIO V1 & V2 + Lite
      • Equipped with 2 coil jigs (2.5mm & 3.0mm)
      • Gold Plated Contact For Better Conduction.
      • Stainless Steel Construction

      Original price was: £ 29.99.Current price is: £ 23.99.
    • Aspire Raga AIO Kit stands out as a cutting edge device, offering an advanced and contemporary vaping experience. Boasting a sleek nylon ceramic design, the kit emphasizes its robust sustainability features and includes six protective measures. Powered by a 18650 battery this device can deliver up to 75W, making it perfect for both MTL and adjustable DTL vaping based on your preferences.

      • MTL/DTL Vaping
      • ROH Chipset
      • Refillable Tank
      • Side Filling
      • 5-75W Output
      • Adjustment Airflow
      • Draw Activated
      • 3 Different Sized AFC Pins Included
      • 24K gold Plated Components
      • Temperature control: 100-315°C
      • 0.66in OLED screen
      • USB Type C port
      • Resistance Limits: 0.08-3.5ohm
      • User modes: VW, VV, Bypass, CPS, TC – Ni, Ti, SS
      • Compatible with 1 x 18650 battery (Sold Separately)
      • Compatible With Boro Tanks
      • Compatible with 510 drip tips

      Original price was: £ 129.99.Current price is: £ 99.99.
    • Kayfun BB By Svoemesto is an an RBA specifically designed for the Billet Box style devices or otherwise know as boro tanks, now brought to you by SvoëMesto.

      Drawing upon their decade-long expertise in MTL vaping and incorporating cutting-edge technology, the Kayfun in the boro tank guarantees an exceptional vaping experience.

      The Kayfun BB boasts the impressive AEROKON airflow control system.

      Unlike conventional air flow controllers, the AEROKON Airflow Control system enhances airflow directly beneath the coil, rather than restricting it at the air duct entrance. This innovative design ensures a smoother and more uniform delivery of accelerated airflow onto the coil.

      Key Features:
      • PEEK insulator
      • Continuous internal airflow control from 0.0 to 1.8mm
      • Constructed with 316L stainless steel
      • Equipped with a 510 adapter for building your coils easily
      • Effortless assembly and maintenance
      • Crafted with premium quality materials and proudly “Made in Germany”
      • AEROKON AFC for superior performance

      Key advantages of the AEROKON system include:
      • Enhanced MTL performance
      • Improved flavor
      • Optimized vapor saturation
      • Quieter operation
      • Securely sealed 510 connector

      Kayfun BB Chambers: (click here)

      £ 96.95
    • Kayfun BB Chamber By Svoemesto can change the flavour profile of your vape. Two different styles have been created so you can fine tune the inner chamber to suit your preferences.

      Available versions:

      The rounded stepped shape of this chamber allows a greater expression of flavour profiles in complex mixes. We recommend using it with synthetic tobacco liquid, fruit and creamy blends.

      The conical, steep geometry of this chamber tends to enhance the “sweet” notes while allowing for a more “aggressive” coil build, reducing heat transfer to the body due to the higher ceiling. We recommend using this chamber for organic (natural) tobacco liquids, both single flavours and blends.

      £ 12.95
    • KB2 RBA By Mission XV has been engineered to fit a Boro Tank or DotTank and comes with 7 different Airflow options. The KB2 Nut helps secure your KB2, reduces connectivity problems, and allows you to swap airflow options on the fly.

      Note: You need the KB2 RBA DotBoro Conversion Kit to use the KB2 RBA in a DotAIO Device.

      • Body High Polished Stainless Steel
      • Flat Head Grub Screws
      • Air Flow Options: 1mm, 1.2mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4.3mm
      • Spare Flat Head Grub Screws + O-Rings
      • PEEK Insulators

      Original price was: £ 124.99.Current price is: £ 114.99.
    • KB2 RBA DotBoro Conversion Kit By Mission XV is a conversion kit that lets you use a KB2 RBA in a DotAIO device.

      • Clear Acrylic DotBoro Tank
      • Borosilicate Sliding Front Glass
      • Threaded Chimney + Lower Collar
      • Black Mission XV DotTip (Not for DotAIO V2 Lite)
      • DotBoro Tool + Spare O-rings

      Original price was: £ 79.99.Current price is: £ 54.99.
    • KB2 RBA DotBoro Tank By Mission XV is machined from delrin with a borosilicate front glass. Fits DotAIO devices and the KB2 RBA only. It also includes a Mission XV laser engraved stainless steel DotAIO Button.

      Original price was: £ 44.99.Current price is: £ 34.99.
    • 909 DotRBA By 909 Modify for the DotAio V1 and V2 By DotMod.

      • Compatible With Dotmod DotAIO V1 & V2
      • Original dotAIO V2 PC Tank with Plug
      • Raised Chimney For Enhanced Flavour
      • M2.5*3.5 Post Screws
      • Building Deck Accommodate up to 3.0 Inner Diameter Clapton Coil
      • One-Piece Air intake with Easy Adjustable Airflow Ring
      • 14*1 Clear O-ring
      • 304 Gold Plated Positive Post For Better Conduction.
      • SS Construction
      • 510 Adapter
      • Diagonal Bar Air Flow Ring Designed For Smoother Airflow

      909 Modify Drip Tips
      909 Modify DotAio 510 Rebuild Kit

      £ 44.99£ 54.99
    • 909 Drip Tip By 909 Modify, New sleek looking 909 Modify 510 Drip Tips

      • Designed to match dotAIO seamlessly and fit for others too.
      • Delrin base
      • Anodized aluminum or delrin lite top piece
      • One set of extra O-ring

      £ 9.99
    • Astro Boro Mod By Mission XV has been well over 2 years in the making, and is their passion project. It is a Boro Tank Mod and features the Evolve DNA60 Chipset which is powered by a single 18650 battery.

      It has a single piece aluminium chassis, aluminium accent panels and a magnetically attached aluminium battery door. The rocker switch design that Mission XV is known for uses two independent firing switches that allow the mod to be fired by pressing any part of the rocker switch. Their flush nut is a standard boro thread without an o-ring which prevents inner chimneys being pulled from the bridge when disassembling.

      • Aerospace Aluminium Body, Type 3 Hard Anodised
      • Silver Plated Brass Contacts
      • PEEK Insulators & Replaceable Screws
      • Evolv DNA 60 (int ver) Chipset
      • Custom PCB & Batch Version Boot Screen
      • 540g Operating Force Switch/Fire Button
      • 3-Way Fire Button Upgrade Available
      • Screen Glass Upgrade Available
      • Switch & Screen Plate Upgrade Available
      • Top & Bottom Plate Upgrade Available
      • Single 18650 Battery (not included)
      Boro Tank, Bridge & Tip (not included)
      • Dimensions 87mm x 52mm x 21mm
      • Weight 110g (without battery)

      Please Note: No discount coupons accepted. This version is in black with a gunmetal screen and switch plate, photo attached.

      Original price was: £ 599.99.Current price is: £ 499.99.