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    • Est. in 2013 Custom Vapes exclusively introduced Hotwires by Chadster to the UK. The first of its kind Hotwires are custom made resistance wires specially designed for sub ohm vaping. Made in Sweden for Chadster Vapors in the U.S.


      • Heats up quickly
      • Cools down faster
      • Gives lower resistance
      • Flexible & easy to build
      • Glows evenly throughout
      • Lasts longer than the usual
      • High vapour production & density


      • 28g “RDA”
      • 26g “Beast Mode”
      • 24g “Boom”
      • 23g “Two3”
      • 22g “Nuke”
      • 21g “Two1”
      • 20g “KMA”
      • 19g “One9”
      • 36g “Clapwire”


      15ft Packs: 3 x Organic Japanese Cotton Pads
      5ft Packs: 3 x Organic Cotton Balls

      Rated 5.00 out of 5
      £ 3.50£ 16.50
    • A spool of 5m or 10m Kanthal wire with case. Heat resistant wire for use in rebuilding coils.
      Kanthal A1: Max temp: 1399C, 1.45 Electrical resistivity at 20C ohms, Kanthal A1 has a HIGHER max temperature threshold than Kanthal A, and Kanthal A is Higher then Kanthal D.

      • 0.32mm (28g)
      • 0.40mm (26g)
      • 0.50mm (24g)
      • 0.60mm (22g)
      • 0.80mm (20g)
      • 1.00mm (18g)

      £ 2.25£ 4.99

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