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A clearomizer is a tank that houses your replaceable/disposable prebuilt atomizer. (RDA) Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer – You directly drip e-liquid on the wick/coil, it does not hold a lot of liquid at a time. Have to re-fill’ liquid more often, but easier to make and change out coils, wicks, and customise the Ohm output. (RBA) ReBuildable Atomizer – These usually have a tank that holds liquid, so you don’t have to refill your liquid as quickly as an RDA. You still build your own coils/wicks, but isn’t as easy to replace/change/modify as an RDA.

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    • A collaboration between Psyclone Mods x Susco to bring you the new PSYC RBA (Pronounced Sik) for Boro devices such as the Billet Box, Delro and a host of others. Psyclone used the much loved Citadel RDA build deck in the new PSYC RBA.

      • Stainless Steel RBA
      • 12mm x 10mm Deck + 12mm Tall Cap
      • 5mm Deck Build Space
      • 2 x Chimney Airflow Options: 4.5mm or 3mm
      • 4 x Airflow Pins 1.2mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm, 3mm
      • PEEK Insulators + Spares Kit


      £ 109.99
    • Cthulhu Mods Diver RBA Boro Tank for the Cthulhu AIO Mod & Billet Box mods alike. Two chimneys for different coil building and liquids.

      1. Quiet bottom airflow: True MTL configuration, with four air pins: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm
      2. Diver RBA works as an RDTA configuration. The coil is close to the drip tip for a better flavour.
      3. Two chimneys for different coil building and liquids.
      4. Super dome shape chimney for improved throat hit and superior flavour.
      5. Diver RBA is fully compatible with Boro tanks.
      6. Threaded 510 connector. No need for any adaptors.

      £ 49.99
    • Cthulhu Mods 520 RBA Boro Tank, comes with 4.2ml e-juice capacity and Compatible for all Billet Box styles mods & Cthulhu AIO Mod.

      • 4.2ml e-juice capacity
      • Compatible For All Billet Box Styles Mods
      • Compatible For PnP Coils
      • Compatible For Aspire Nautilus Coils
      • Elegant Design
      • Compact Design
      • Fit For Single DIY Coil Build
      • Easy Coil Building
      Six Airflow Pin & Seven Airflow Styles (0.8mm / 1.0mm / 1.5mm / 2.0mm /2.5mm / 3.5mm & 4.5mm Without Airflow Pin)

      £ 42.99
    • The Vaporesso iTank is a Direct-Lung vape tank with spacecraft-inspired design and innovative Turbo airflow system for great flavour and vapour.

      • 2ml capacity
      • 510 connection – pair with most mods
      • Turbo airflow system for great flavour & big clouds
      • Adjustable airflow – choose between airy or restricted vaping
      • Simple push-fit coil installation & top filling
      • Works with GTi coils

      Replacement Glass (click here)

      £ 19.99
    • The SnailTank is an alternative to the Billet Box Boro Tank rev4.It consists of two main parts, a tank section and an adapter (base), plus some custom silicon gaskets. The tank is cross compatible with the VapeSnail tank, while the adapter (base) essentially takes the place of the VapeSnail deck to create a hosting base for the Boro bridges. The Tank section and adapter together create a form with an outer shape which is almost identical with the classic Boro tank.

      The SnailTank can be refilled through a large refill hole placed at the front upper side. It allows access to the RBA deck even when almost full with juice, any time, in the case of VapeShell and all bridges with a similar collaboration between chimney and deck (non-threaded, not extra tight via o-ring intervention between the two parts). Last but not least, it features a Chimney Gasket, which is added on the top side of the tank section to adjust the hole to the diameter of Boro standard bridge chimneys and offer some extra advantages. Among other things, it seals with the AIO 510 nut, even if you remove the sealing o-ring that most nuts or hybrid drip tips have. This eliminates the usual pain when the chimney of the bridge is automatically lifted up while unscrewing the nut/hybrid drip tip, and the bad sealing that most hybrid drip tips present, either because of normal tear and wear, or due to bad choice of o-rings. It is advised to remove the hybrid drip tip o-ring or the 510 nut o-ring to enjoy the best from the SnailTank.

      £ 27.99
    • Introducing the new 909 Modify DotAio RBA for the DotAio V1 and V2 By DotMod.

      • Compatible With Dotmod DotAIO V1 & V2
      • Original dotAIO V2 PC Tank with Plug
      • Raised Chimney For Enhanced Flavor
      • M2.5*3.5 Post Screws
      • Building Deck Accommodate up to 3.0 Inner Diameter Clapton Coil
      • One-Piece Air intake with Easy Adjustable Airflow Ring
      • 14*1 Clear O-ring
      • 304 Gold Plated Positive Post For Better Conduction.
      • Stainless Steel Construction
      • 510 Adapter
      • Diagonal Bar Air Flow Ring Designed For Smoother Airflow

      £ 45.00
    • The MXV EUC Bridge is a Billet Box Bridge adapter that allows you to use the Vaporesso EUC Coil head inside the standard Billet Box Boro Tank, not the A-Tank.

      Choose from Stainless Steel or Gold

      £ 65.99£ 74.99
    • The Orbit RBA features a two-post lead trap design with wire cutouts and flat head screws, and you can remove the deck on the fly without having to remove the tank. The deck design prevents airlocks and provides maximum wicking with its wide channels, combined with side perforated wicking and front and right side (traditional) air inlet locations for all current and future boro devices. You can also completely seal your airflow to 0mm for storage.

      We recommend the MTL kit for experiences from 1.5mm airflow and under.

      • Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Deck
      • Adjustable 0.1mm – 4.5mm Airflow
      • 7mm Wide Deck Wicking Channels
      • 6.5mm x 8.55mm Deck Build Space
      • PCTG Clear Tank + Silicone Fill Bung
      • Aluminium Sprung Airflow Pin + Tool

      Choose from SS or Limited Edition Gold.

      £ 174.99£ 184.99
    • The Sqy RDA from 99 Wraps and Defiant Designs has arrived. Designed from the ground up to excel as a squonking RDA, it is one of the most pragmatic Squonker’s, yet also a precision-based dripper in every respect. So whether you’re using a squonk pin or one of the included silver-plated copper 510 pins – dripping and squonking with the Sqy is a dream.

      This top-loading RDA is equipped with a locking mechanism. Both sides of the independent juice wells bear a heavy slope which ensures your e-liquid is always channeled directly towards you wicks. Furthermore the bridge between the two wells features a steep gradient, so when you drip your e-liquid is rapidly distributed to the juice well. The included tool will make sure you clip your leads to the perfect length every single time.

      • 24mm Stainless Steel RDA
      • PVD Coated Black Version
      • Silver Plated Copper 510 Pin
      • Coil Lead Length Clipping Tool
      • PEEK Insulators + SS Squonk Pin

      Ultem Cap Sold Separately (click here)

      £ 54.99£ 57.99
    • The Freemax Fireluke 3 vape tank is a redeveloped version of the popular Fireluke 2 tank. Featuring a number of improvements, it retains the vapour-producing abilities of the original – making it ideal for sub ohm vaping. Recommended for intermediate and advanced vapers, the Fireluke 3 supports devices with a high wattage output and utilises a new range of coils to deliver your ideal vape.

      • Freemax Sub Ohm Tank
      • 510 Connection
      • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity
      • Top Filling
      • Supports Direct To Lung Vaping
      • Compatible With High VG E-Liquid
      • Mesh Coils

      Replacment X4 Coils (click here)

      £ 24.99
    • The Prime has arrived!

      A dual coil RDA that has the perfect base for building and keeping things uncomplicated, while implementing all of modern features you have grown to love. Choose between a wide open airflow, or 4 hole design. A gnurled top cap allows for easy quick adjustments, and a locking top allows the user to align your airflow with your coils every time. A full PEI cap keeps this RDA cool to the touch. Available in Black PEI, and Amber ULTEM.

      26mm with included beauty ring.

      £ 19.99£ 24.99
    • The DotMISSION RBA for the DotAIO features beautiful sleek lines and unique two-tone shades. Meticulously designed for the ultimate experience between form and purpose that’s out of this world.

      The DotAIO just got even better.

      Blackout Edition

      • DotAIO Stainless Button
      • Black Anodised Chimney
      • Extended Juice Capacity
      • Supports Up To 3mm Coils
      • Wire Relief Cutouts & Seating
      • Airflow Reducers 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm

      Standard Edition
      • Extended Juice Capacity
      • Easy Build Two Post Deck
      • Supports Up To 3mm Coils
      • Wire Relief Cutouts & Seating
      • Airflow Reducers 1.2mm, 2.1mm, 3.5mm

      £ 104.99£ 114.99
    • The Vaporesso FORZ TX80 RDA is a 24mm diameter RDA with a four-post build deck allowing for both dual and single coil configurations. Featuring fully adjustable refined honeycomb top airflow for smooth and flavourful clouds. Fitted with an 810 wide bore drip tip, the Vaporesso FORZ RDA is also supplied with a 510 drip adaptor to cater for a wider range of preferences. Featuring a bottom-feeding 510 pin, it’s compatible with squonkers as well as your usual mods too.

      Beautifully designed and expertly machined, the Forz RDA has been designed to completely leak-free. Measuring in at a 24mm diameter and with a nice deep juice well to ensure the coil remains well saturated to avoid dry hits. With the option of either single or dual coil configurations, the Forz RDA is a great choice for beginning DIY building.

      • 24mm Base Diameter
      • Stainless Steel Body
      • Adjustable Honeycomb Airflow
      • 4 Post Build Deck
      • Dual or Single Coil Configuration
      • 810 Drip Tip
      • 510 Drip Tip option
      • 510 BF Squonk Pin
      • Gold-Plated 510 Connection

      £ 19.99
    • The Type Two RTA by Grimm Green is a 25mm dual coil RTA designed for restricted lung setups running at low wattage. It offers an unparalleled vaping experience focusing on performance, versatility and ergonomics. With its enhanced flavour and vapour production the Type Two is one step ahead of most RTAs out there.

      • 25mm Stainless Steel RTA
      • 1 x Short 510 Delrin Drip Tip
      • 1 x (Just Try It) Long 510 Stainless Drip Tip
      • Black Version + Long Stainless Drip Tip PVD Coated
      • PEEK Insulators + Hex Head Post Screws
      • Spares Kit + Hex Head Tool

      £ 69.99
    • Purge X RDA 25mm

      • 25mm deck sized to fit all our previous PURGE RDA Caps!
      • Comes with 2 airflow sleeves
      • 1 triple slotted and angled, for wide open airflow and cloud production
      • 1 honeycombed, for a restricted vape offering the best flavor production
      • Unique Island-Style deck offering a wide build space with several coil placement options, and an ample space for cotton which will allow for more juice saturation
      • Gold plated Positive Post
      • Gold Plated Squonk Pin
      • Copper 510 Pin
      • Wide Post Terminals for large coil builds
      • Can be used in dual or single coil mode

      Purge “X” is a Postless RDA designed in the USA by Purge Mods and manufactured in China

      £ 29.99
    • You asked and we answered with the Rye v1.2 RDA. The width between the dual posts has been greatly reduced and they are now perfectly centered. The deck is almost 50% more convex and It features a stunning 4.2mm long chamfer on both sides of the upper level cyclops airflow intake. The intake is chamfered at a precise 45° angle all the way to a perfect 5mm x 1mm intake on the back end of the inner AFC tab. This is a smaller and a more precise opening than on the original Rye. The included robust hex tool has been revised, so grub screws are even less likely to strip than they were before.

      • 24mm Stainless Steel RDA
      • PVD Coated Black Version
      • Convex Deck With 50% Gradient
      • Double Decker Airflow Intake
      • Adjustable Top & Bottom Airflow Intake
      • Black Delrin 7.25mm Bore Proprietary 810 Tip
      • Black Delrin 10mm Bore 810 Tip
      • Black Delrin 810 To 510 Converter
      • Silver Plated Copper 510 Pin
      • PEEK Insulators + SS Squonk Pin
      • Serialised + Revised Anti-strip Allen Key
      • Extra 510 Pin, Mod Protective Discs, O-rings, Screws

      £ 57.99£ 59.99