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    • Smooth Pro Nic Salt Nicotine Booster

      10ml 20mg
      800mcg per dose
      70/30 VG/PG

      £ 2.50
    • Shake some Ice into your shortfill. Give your favourite liquid that Malaysian makeover.
      10ml of Frosty Nic will turn 50 or 100ml shortfill liquids into a cooling taste.

      10ml 18mg Nicototine Booster
      70/30 VG/PG

      £ 2.50
    • Sage 10ml nicotine shot with a 18mg nicotine strength and a 100% USP-grade Vegitable Glycerin liquid base. This nicotine shot is intended for use with a nicotine-free (0mg) e-juice called Shortfill to get the desired nicotine amount on your chosen e-juice.

      Sage Salt Nic can also be used for DIY to make larger base liquids nicotine-containing.

      Why Sage Nicotine Salts?
      Sage Nicotine salts have three strong advantages compared to the traditional nicotine used in most e-juices:

      Satisfaction – Since Sage Nicotine salts have a much higher absorption rate than traditional nicotine, Sage Nicotine is delivered to your system faster.

      Intensive taste – The chemical composition of Sage Nicotine salts is shaped to be much closer to natural tobacco, which gives Sage a softer and more improved flavor.

      Sub-Ohm Friendly – Sage Nicotine salts in low concentrations allow traditional vapes to be enjoyed with more satisfaction and more flavor at a lower resistance.

      £ 3.75
    • Features:
      • Unflavoured Nicotine Shot
      • v100/0 VG/PG
      • TPD/TRPR Compliant
      • 1 x 10ml Bottle
      • VG + Nicotine
      • 0% Propylene Glycol (PG)
      • 100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

      £ 1.99
    • NS20 Nicotine Shot eLiquid by Element is a Nicotine Booster Shot with Nicotine Salts. NS20mg nicotine booster added to a 50ml Short Fill of 0mg will make a 60ml eliquid a 3.3mg base.


      Salt Nicotine eLiquid Refills use the natural salt found within the tobacco leaf as their basis for nicotine. Nicotine Salt eLiquids aim to provide a more potent smooth nicotine hit than most eLiquids can currently provide.

      £ 3.99
    • The best option to alter your favourite E-liquid to your desired Nicotine strength, whilst remaining smooth & not altering on taste.

      10ml 18mg
      70/30 VG/PG

      £ 1.99

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