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  • High Quality Nichrome 80 Resistance Wire.

    Nichrome 80 series resistance wire is composed of 20% Chromium and ~80% Nickel. It’s a low resistance wire under normal circumstances. When dealing with the thinner gauges of this wire (34-44g) the resistance is much higher than you’d expect.

    The 20-26g can be used for single strand coils.

    The 27-28g can be used for core wires of multi-strand Claptons like Alien Claptons but the thinner gauges (34-46g) will not perform well as a standard coil so if you’ve never used high gauge wire before, make sure you’re buying the appropriate wire for your build before purchasing.

    The thinner gauges (34-46g) are for Clapton coils, multi-strand twisting or to add a bit of colour to your coil-art.

    £ 16.99£ 25.99
  • Handmade Maidstone Coils, comes in a little glass vial with a small ball of cotton.

    Alien Coils

    3x26awg Ni80 (Inner wire)
    35awg Ni80 (outer wire)
    Dual Coil coming out at approximately 0.1Ω
    Quantity: 1 Pair

    Fused Claptons
    2x25awg 316 (Inner wire)
    39awg Ni80 (Outer Wire)
    Dual Coil coming out at approximately 0.11Ω
    Quantity: 2 Pairs

    Mini Fused Claptons
    2x25awg 316 (Inner wire)
    39awg Ni80 (Outer Wire)
    Dual Coil coming out at approximately 0.11Ω
    Quantity: 2 Pairs

    Fat Claptons
    1x19awg 316 flatwire (Inner wire)
    39awg Ni80 (Outer Wire)
    Dual Coil Coming out at approximately 0.1ohm
    Quantity: 1 Pairs

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    £ 11.99
  • The new Coilmaster V3 Kit comes with everything a coil builder needs, the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is a must have for your vaping collection.

    The coil kit V4, diagonal pliers, screwdrivers and ceramic tip tweezers are essential for building your own coils.
    Cotton and stainless steel scissors will have you wicking your freshly built coils like a pro.
    Also supplied with a 521 Tab Mini ohm reader, great for getting accurate resistances on your DIY coils.

    Kit Contents:
    1 x Diagonal pliers
    1 x Needle-nose pliers
    1 x Stainless steel folding scissors
    1 x Pen styled cross screwdriver
    1 x Pen styled straight screwdriver
    1 x Ceramic tweezer
    1 x Elbow tweezer
    1 x Kanthal wire spool
    1 x 521 Tab Mini
    1 x Coiling Kit V4
    1 x T Styled Hex Screw Driver
    1 x Silicone rubber case
    1 x New Box Packaging

    Batteries required – 1 x 18650 (not included)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    £ 39.99
  • Coil Master Ceramic sticks now make building coils and pulsing easier then ever!

    • 1 x BASE
    • x Coiling Forms (2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 & 4.0mm)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    £ 13.95
  • Introducing to our UK CKS Chapter The Cloud Kicker Cotton

    • 100% All Natural Cotton
    • Imported from Australia
    • No Additives / No Bleach
    • Steam Cleaned
    • 60 Pre Cut Strips Good for 120+ Wicks
    • Each Strip is 3.5″ x 0.5″ x 0.25″
    • Includes a Small Tweezer

    £ 11.99
  • Coil Master vape tweezers are revolutionary and multifunctional tools for vapers. The tweezer is a perfect tool with ceramic heat-consistence tweezers on the one end and a wrench on the other,which allows you to unthread stuck bottom ends with ease.

    Constructed from high-performance polycarbonate and ceramic.

    If you have a tightly-fit tank and you cannot pull it apart, you really should try Coil Master vape tweezer out. Fix the tweezer in your atomizer, squeeze it and turn the tank,then you will find it super easy to loosen and unthread the stuck bottom ends.It is a great helper to get your cap out of your rda as well.Vape smart with the smart vape tweezers!

    Apply to atomizers of 22-25mm in diameter.

    £ 3.50
  • Pre made Fused Clapton coils made by Bones 

    • Huge Surface Area
    • Great For Flavour
    • Large Vapour Production
    • Drill & Hand Made
    • 1 x pack consists of 2 x Clapton Coils
    • Choice of 2 x 24n80/40n80 or 2 x 26n80/40n80

    Please Note:
    By purchasing this product you agree that you are knowledgeable of the nature of this product and release Custom Vapes and Bones from any liability stemming from the product’s use. With Pre-Made coils the Ohm Readings will vary from reader to reader. If you use 2 24n80 coils to do dual builds then the reading will average of 0.13/.14 ohms. and 26n80 average to .18/.19 ohms.

    £ 7.99
  • Introducing 36g Clapwire by Hotwires Chadster. The Clapwire is specially designed with the Hotwires custom touch for all your intricate staggered claptons, fused claptons and alien builds. Coming Soon 34g/38g/40g Clapwire.

    1 x 36g 100ft Spool

    £ 10.99
  • After months of testing Custom Vapes introduce to you the finest wicking material we have found on the market to date… Easy to wick, clean for flavour and lasts forever!

    Celtic Cotton by ROOM511
    • 100% Pure Organic Cotton
    • Forged in Ireland
    • Proprietary Cleaning Method
    • No Seeds
    • No Discolouration
    • Little to None Break in Time
    • No Synthetic Sides,
    • Nothing to Peel Off
    • Easy Cut and Wick
    • 1 x 5 Sheets Per Pack

    “Wick it, Vape it, Then tell us what you think”

    £ 4.50
  • Cotton Bacon by Wick N’ Vape was the first ever wick material designed specifically for vaping and not for cosmetic use. This means you get the highest purity and best possible juice-flow when using Cotton Bacon for your wicks.

    This V2 edition has just pushed the performance up even higher. It has undergone an extra process to eliminate all natural cotton oils. So it has no break in period and it’s a little more absorbent and heat resistive than the V1.

    £ 4.95
  • The latest tweezer by Coil Master is lightweight, The ceramic tips offer zero electro-magnetic induction, 100% electric insulation, 100% non-magnetic, 100% non-static, high thermal resistance, high resistance to corrosion and are very resistant to wear. The Ceramic tweezers let you pack and squeeze the coils together while actively firing and therefore allowing you to get that rebuildable set up just right. There’s no other better tool to perfect your coil building.

    • Replaceable Ceramic Tip
    • Heat Resistance

    £ 6.99
  • A spool of 5m or 10m Pure Nickel Ni200 wire with a case. This Ni200 wire is great for sub-ohm builds but should only be used by advanced users with a very good understanding of resistance.

    • 0.20mm (32g)
    • 0.25mm (30g)
    • 0.32mm (28g)
    • 0.40mm (26g)


    £ 2.50£ 3.99
  • Est. in 2013 Custom Vapes exclusively introduced Hotwires by Chadster to the UK. The first of its kind Hotwires are custom made resistance wires specially designed for sub ohm vaping. Made in Sweden for Chadster Vapors in the U.S. to authorised only to be sold at Custom Vapes in the UK.

    • Heats up quickly
    • Cools down faster
    • Gives lower resistance
    • Flexible & easy to build
    • Glows evenly throughout
    • Lasts longer than the usual
    • High vapour production & density

    • 28g “RDA”
    • 26g “Beast Mode”
    • 24g “Boom”
    • 23g “Two3”
    • 22g “Nuke”
    • 21g “Two1”
    • 20g “KMA”
    • 19g “One9”
    • 36g “Clapwire”

    15ft Packs: 3 x Organic Japanese Cotton Pads
    5ft Packs: 3 x Organic Cotton Balls

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    £ 3.50£ 16.50
  • A spool of 5m or 10m Kanthal wire with case. Heat resistant wire for use in rebuilding coils.
    Kanthal A1: Max temp: 1399C, 1.45 Electrical resistivity at 20C ohms, Kanthal A1 has a HIGHER max temperature threshold than Kanthal A, and Kanthal A is Higher then Kanthal D.

    • 0.32mm (28g)
    • 0.40mm (26g)
    • 0.50mm (24g)
    • 0.60mm (22g)
    • 0.80mm (20g)
    • 1.00mm (18g)

    £ 2.25£ 4.99

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