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    • Clear battery cases for storage or safe carrying of Li-Ion Batteries.

      Small (18350) case holds 2 x 18350 batteries
      Large (18650) case holds 2 x 18350/500/650 batteries lengthways, or 4 x 18350 batteries widthways.
      Extra Large (18650) case holds 4 x 18650
      20700 cases hold 2 x 20700/21700

      £ 0.75£ 2.50
    • Efest 18500 15A 1000mAh Purple High Drain 3.7V

      Old Stock 100% Authentic, No Scratch Off Serial Like Newer Batch

      Flat Top
      Weight: 43g
      Length: 49.79mm
      Diameter: 18.39mm

      Nipple Top
      Weight: 45g
      Length: 49.09mm
      Diameter: 18.21mm

      Typical Capacity: 1000mAh
      Min Capacity: 900mAh

      £ 5.99 £ 4.99
    • New Efest 18350 10.5A 700mAh Purple High Drain 3.7V V1

      Flat Top & Button Top
      Manufacturer: Efest
      Battery Size: 18350 3.7v
      Battery Capacity: 700mAh
      Battery Type: Lithium Manganese (IMR)
      Weight: 28g
      1 x Battery

      £ 3.99
    • A spool of 5m or 10m Kanthal wire with case. Heat resistant wire for use in rebuilding coils.
      Kanthal A1: Max temp: 1399C, 1.45 Electrical resistivity at 20C ohms, Kanthal A1 has a HIGHER max temperature threshold than Kanthal A, and Kanthal A is Higher then Kanthal D.

      • 0.32mm (28g)
      • 0.40mm (26g)
      • 0.50mm (24g)
      • 0.60mm (22g)
      • 0.80mm (20g)
      • 1.00mm (18g)

      £ 2.25£ 4.99

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