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  • District F5ve has just made it easier for you to accessorise and personalise!

    Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
    Size: 24MM x 19MM
    Fitment: CSMNT RDA

    Stainless Steel, Black, Solar Flare (Orange), Proxima Centuri (Red), Rocket Bunny (Purple), Star Road (Graphite), Military Satellite (Green), Orion’s Belt (Blue), UGC 1810 (Rose Gold), Gold Mirror (Gold)

    £ 19.99
  • Chuff Caps for the Subzero X RDA 25mm by SOI.

    Colours: Ultem, SS Black, Stainless Steel, Gold & Rose Gold

    £ 19.99
  • Spare parts for the CSMNT Postless RDA.


    Spare Parts Pack: 2 Sets of O-Rings, 2 Sets of Screws, Positive Block, Pin, and insulator.


    Deck Only: 24k replacement deck with 4 x screws.

    £ 14.99£ 35.00
  • Magnetic Spare Phix USB Charger

    £ 8.99
  • SOI USA made Penta & Maze replacement sleeves to accessorise or customise your Subzero X Mods.

    Engraved signed by Cale the Creator.

    Available in Brass only, other variations including Patina and Custom sleeves coming soon.

    £ 35.00
  • SOI USA made replacement sleeves to accessorise or customise your Subzero X Mod

    Available in Stainless Steel, Brass or Copper

    £ 24.99
  • Replacement or matchy matchy switch for the SZX Competition Mod

    1 x SZX Switch

    £ 39.99£ 41.99
  • Replacement or matchy matchy set for the SZX Competition Mod


    1 x SZX Switch
    1 x Matching Colour Top Cap


    Pictured Left to Right: Stainless Steel, Black Stainless, Copper and Brass.

    £ 47.99£ 49.99
  • The Aspire PockeX 0.6Ω Coils are designed to be used with Aspire’s all in one kit PockeX or  the Aspire’s Nautilus X Tank, again, turning what’s traditionally a mouth-to-lung piece of kit into a sub ohm device.

    5 x PockeX 0.6Ω Coils
    (TPD Packaging)

    £ 13.99
  • SMOK Stick AIO Coils: Compatible with Smok Stick Aio Kit


    5 pack of replacement 0.23ohm dual coils.
    (TPD Packaging)

    £ 9.99
  • Designed specifically for the Aspire Cleito EXO tank, these coils are designed for maximum flavour and vapour production by replacing the traditional static chimney found in most e-cig tanks.

    5 x Aspire Cleito EXO coils

    Resistance: 0.16 ohm
    Clapton kanthal wire
    Japanese organic cotton

    £ 19.99
  • Customise your favourite RDA/RDTA & Tanks with these beautiful Half Moon Mods Drip Tips


    • Fits a wide variety of 510 connection atomizers
    • Shorty, Wide Bore Design
    • Through Bore is 0.238″ (6 mm)
    • Dual Buna-N O-Rings

    Kennedy / Goon

    • Fits Kennedy 22mm and 24mm Comp Cap, Goon RDA, Wide Bore Captains Cap, Battle Cap, and Griffin RTA
    • Very similar in size and shape to the stock Kennedy tip
    • Through bore is 0.397″ (10 mm)

    TFV8 / TFV12

    • Replaces the Stock Drip Tip on the TFV8 and TFV12, and any other Atty with a 1/2″ Drip Tip Connection
    • Double O-Ringed for a Perfect Fit Every Time


    Note: That every unit is slightly different in the colour and pattern making each one unique and one of a kind.

    5.00 out of 5
    £ 14.99
  • 1 x Coil Master Cleaning / Polishing Cloth

    £ 1.95
  • The Coil Master Mini Kbag is a multi functional, multi purpose adjustable case for all your vape gear. Carry your Mods, Atomizers, E-juice, wicking supplies and so much more. Everything you need for vaping can now be carried in one convenient bag,the Coil Master KBag.

    Colour: Black
    Dimensions: 13”x 8.3”x 1.9 ”

    *Please note this product is only for the KBag and does not include items/accessories on display images*

    5.00 out of 5
    £ 9.99
  • Coil Master’s latest elbow ceramic tweezers are a necessary tool when rebuilding any RDA, RTA, or RDTA.
    This newly designed and angled ceramic tweezer is perfect for any given situation that requires the use of a non-conductive and heat resistant tweezer allowing the user to make finite adjustments to the coil head without the possibility of accidentally shorting out the coil. It can be used at high temperatures up to and including 1600℃ without fear of damaging the replaceable ceramic tips unlike other conventional tweezers currently on the market.

    £ 6.99
  • Replace your damaged 18650 battery wraps today with these pre cut pvc wraps by Coil Master. All you need is a hair drier or heat gun!

    Perfect for replacing a damaged PVC wrap on a battery or adding extra protection.
    Pre-cut for protecting 18650 size batteries.
    Size: 71mm*29mm*0.05mm
    Package: 10 in a pack

    £ 2.99

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